Blocked Shower Melbourne

Blocked shower is a common problem in every household. Soap, hair and minerals from hard water can cause clogged shower drain. Foreign objects that got stuck in the drain can be one of the causes for blocked shower. If you suspect that your shower drain is clogged, you can contact BRC Plumbing & Gas Fitting professionals before the scenarios lead to terrible situations. Our plumbers have the top-of-the-line tools to remove the clogs and also take required measures to prevent future blockages.

Symptoms of a Blocked Shower Drain:

  • Noticeable odor in the bathroom
  • Water drains much slower than normal
  • Backflow of water
  • Unusual drain noises
  • Trapped air in the pipeline

Blocked shower drains can certainly be frustrating. The sooner you fix the problem, the quicker you will have a working shower again. Moreover, it is not safe to have any leakage of water in your home as it can lead to unpleasant odours, mildew and even mold growth. So, you will have to unclog the shower at the earliest with the help of a professional plumber.

Say No To DIY Methods:

You might think of unclogging the shower yourself, but any wrong attempt can make the situation even worse. With a company like BRC Plumbing & Gas Fitting, you will not have to worry about blocked shower and blocked stormwater. We have industry-leading expertise who can cater to all your plumbing problems at the earliest.

Why choose us?

  • We have experienced professionals who can handle clogged shower problems efficiently.
  • Our team uses high-tech equipments to unclog the shower promptly.
  • We provide maintenance service to prevent future problems.
  • Along with fixing the problem, we also give maintenance tips.

A clogged shower drain can be a nuisance, but the solution is simple and easy. Just pick up your phone and dial 0431 027 238. One of our friendly representatives will answer your queries and provide valuable suggestions.