Drain Camera Inspections Melbourne

CCTV pipe inspections are highly recommended to be done at times before but mainly after any drain cleaning services is completed, as any blockage doesn’t just occur there is always a reason behind it. The use of the latest & greatest camera technology though an accessible opening in the drain to give you a pin point location of where the blockage began with, so you know what the cause was in the first place.

CCTV is a very important task we should produce on all drain cleaning jobs, if someone told you that your drain is blocked or collapsed & has not visually seen it with the use of drain camera inspection, THEY’RE GUESSING!

All our CCTV camera inspection have a built in sonde which allows it to send signals to the camera box which will then help us mark above ground where the camera is at the location of the blockage, much easier way of mapping out a drain system then just GUESSING!

BRC Plumbing & Gas Fitting can also produce reports for insurance purposes & or claims in the event of cracks appearing on walls, ground movement & wet areas outside can be all signs of broken or cracked terracotta & P.V.C piping. Our drain inspection cameras allow us to record on a USB the condition of your drain for these purposes.

CCTV is now becoming a common service to all builders who require drainage to be inspected before or after the concrete slab has been done, inserted through an accessible opening we can see the condition of the pipe work before any further work can commence. This will make sure the piping is free off any damage caused by excavation or debris found in the drains.