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Picture this. You’re having your friends and family coming over to your place to celebrate a milestone you’ve just reached in your education or career. You have everything ready. Decorations, check; Music, check; Drinks, check; Ingredients to bake the cake, check. Then when you fire up the gas oven, nothing happens. You try again but once again; your oven fails you. Then it dawns on you. You have a faulty gas oven at the worst time possible. How do you deal with such a situation? At BRC Plumbing & Gas Fitting, we understand the inconvenience that faulty gas appliances can cause.

But before we advise on a way of having your gas oven working in record-time, lets first find out where the gas comes from. The gas used in Melbourne households for domestic applications comes in two types; natural gas and LPG.

Natural Gas

As its name alludes, natural gas comes from Mother Nature and is a result of decomposed organic material. After being extracted from the depths of the earth, natural gas is refined and ferried to households in Melbourne through piping.

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Also known as Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG is a by-product of petroleum refining. LPG is packaged in cylinders of different sizes making it easily portable. The portability of LPG makes it a popular option for many households in Melbourne, despite it being pricey compared to natural gas.

“Good to know. Now, how on earth will I get my gas oven to work again?”

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Time to call BRC Plumbing & Gas Fitting, the premier plumbers and gas fitters in Melbourne. So, don’t reschedule your event just because your gas oven has died on you. Our technicians will have the oven roar back to life and you’ll have your cake baking in no time.

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