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Gas Leaks Detection & Repairs Melbourne

Not only is a gas leak hazardous when inhaled, but it can also lead to your house burning to the ground. The immediate course of action should be turning off the isolation valve on your gas meter (that box-like structure having a ton of gas pipes). The next step should be picking up your phone and contacting BRC Plumbing & Gas Fitting, Melbourne’s leading firm in gas leak repairs so that we can fix the gas leak.

Now, there are two main sources of gas leaks in households in Melbourne; gas piping and gas appliances.

Sources of Gas Leaks : Gas Appliance vc Gas Piping

Dealing with gas leaks stemming from gas appliances is easy since these appliances are easily repairable and replaceable. Most people will replace their gas appliances when making renovations to the house. A headache comes when the leak stems from the gas piping. The gas pipework is supposed to be replaced after an extended usage something most homeowners either ignore or forget. To better illustrate this, materials used in the gas pipework come with a manufacturer warranty of about two decades after which the piping requires replacing.

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Here are the two ways in which we, at BRC Plumbing & Gas Fitting, deal with gas leaks.

Leaking from Gas Piping

Gas leaks from the piping could be due to worn-out joints in the pipework. Any faulty section of the pipework will be replaced with a new one, stopping the leakage. Gas Leak Melbourne can also advise you to consider replacing the entire pipework particularly if the faulty section is inaccessible. We understand that replacing gas piping can be quite pricey, but it will prove beneficial down the road. Installing top-quality gas pipework will serve you for well over 20 years. Plus, what’s a few hundred dollars compared to your family’s safety.

Leaking from Gas Appliance

As we mentioned earlier, gas appliances are a probable source of gas leaks and, therefore, warrant to be checked for any issues. The most common source of leaks in gas appliances is loose connections from the gas piping. After we’re through with the gas leak detection, Gas Leak Melbourne fix any loose connections to stop the leak. Then we’ll test the gas appliance to ascertain that the leaking has stopped.

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