Leaking Toilets Melbourne

Leaking Toilet Repairs Melbourne

Leaking Toilet Repairs MelbourneWhether it is the toilet at home or in the office that is leaking, at BRC Plumbing & Gas Fitting, we have a solution for you. We offer round the clock services to ensure you don’t have to experience the mess that comes with a leaking toilet. We offer leaking toilet repairs in Melbourne, and our team of emergency plumbers is fully committed to serving you and offering technical advice on how to maintain your toilet.

Toilets are prone to leakages and breakdown due to several issues some of which are discussed below. By going through them you will understand what could be causing the leakage in your toilet.

Type one

Toilet leaks behind the bowl could be because of worn out rubber gaskets. One of the rubber gaskets behind the bowl is the pan collar rubber located at the discharge point of the toilet bowl. To repair a leakage caused by this gasket, the whole toilet is removed, the rubber gasket repaired, and then the toilet is reinstalled. The other rubber gaskets are easy to repair since they do not require removal of the toilet.

Type two

A toilet may also have a constant running of water. This causes huge water losses which can make the water bills shoot high if not fixed early. The constant running could be as a result of a failed valve which can easily be fixed.

Type three

This is a slow constant leak which is especially noticeable at night or on a quiet day. It is caused by a faulty outlet valve. The leakage is so small that it can go unnoticed, but you will find your cistern full without anyone using it.

Whatever the problem is, we are ready to assist. We specialize in leaking toilet repairs Melbourne and are committed to serving you at any time of the day. Feel free to engage us and call us at 0431 027 238. We will make all the repairs at your convenience and within your budget.